Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to slice tri-tip.

Hey everyone!

When revelation I have had during the preparation and subsequent devouring of  tri-tip is that the way to slice it matter so much. Slicing across the grain is crucial to having tender me, and knowing the grain direction of the meat is necessary if you are going to slice it across the grain. Also, slicing thin makes the meat more tender is well. I put together a YouTube video a while back detailing exactly how I slice and cook tri-tip. Enjoy!

More Santa Maria-Style Tri-tip!

Hey everyone, it's been a while!

I really cut back on the food front, but I still make tri-tip!  My recipe hasn't changed since the last time I posted about it, and it likely never will, because I think I have found something that is nearly perfect to me. I always thought it was strange when my dad would tell me that his favorite restaurant is his house… I can honestly say that this is my favorite piece of meat, without exception.

Here are some pictures of last Saturday's creation.  Cooked at about 300, taken off the grill at 135, rested in foil for 20 minutes. Enjoy!